5 Tips for Storing Your Belongings This Summer

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5 Tips for Storing Your Belongings This Summer

Are you about to make your first summer move? As the academic year comes to an end, you are finishing up finals and the dreaded move-out is fast approaching. There’s one small detail that you’ve likely never had to handle before…

Looking for a place to store your stuff before you head home for summer. 

For first-time storage renters, the process can be expensive and overwhelming with all the information out there. Whether you have to move out of your dorm room or don’t want to pay to rent an empty apartment, a storage unit is a convenient and affordable option for students. 

We are a go-to for local student storage here in Bloomington. In this article, we’ve gathered some helpful tips for students interested in low-cost storage over summer break.

1. Packing ABCs: Comprehensive Tips on Packing a Unit

The good news is, you already packed to move once at the start of the school year. So packing your belongings this time around should be easier. To make a plan, start by considering what you need to move, sell and store. It might be helpful to make a list. Some things to consider are:

  • What items do you plan to bring with you and what can you leave behind?
  • Are there any large items that need to be transported (bed, couch, desk, table)?
  • Do you need to sell any furniture or clothing?
  • Do you plan to move things in your car, a friend’s car, rent a truck or hire movers?
  • What materials will you need (boxes, bags, tape, dolly, etc)?
  • If storage is long term, are there any items you might need to access frequently?

This will help you determine which size unit you’ll need and how to pack and move your belongings efficiently. When packing your unit, be sure to label all boxes clearly and stack them according to weight, with the heaviest boxes on the bottom. Use furniture covers to protect your larger items and disassemble any furniture that can be taken apart to save space.

2. Plan Ahead: Start Preparing Before Finals

Arguably, our best tip is to start prepping BEFORE finals. Don’t wait until the last minute to start preparing for your move. You can secure your rate and begin packing and sorting through your belongings several weeks before finals, so that you have time to pack and can enjoy the final moments with your friends before you all head home for the summer. This will also give you time to sell or donate any items you no longer need, reducing the amount of items you need to store. 

Pro Tip: Securing your rate ahead of time means you can get the best price AND set your move date post-finals, just before you leave. That way you can use all of your things up until that time without having to pay for the unit until you need it.

3. Research and Compare Prices

For peace of mind, we recommend researching and comparing prices from multiple providers before making a final decision. Look for facilities that offer flexible rental terms and convenient access hours. Don’t forget to factor in any additional fees, such as insurance and late fees, when comparing prices. This will ensure you get the best possible rate and save money this summer.

Contact us to learn more about our summer rates for students.

4. Figure Out How You Are Going to Move Your Items to the Unit

Especially for students, moving your belongings to your storage unit can be an added challenge. Living on campus, you may not have a car or truck. Consider renting a moving truck or van, asking friends or reaching out to family members for help. If you’re moving a large number of items or your roommates are also moving with you, consider hiring a professional moving company and splitting costs.

5. Ask Friends for Help

Remember, your roommates, classmates and friends have all either been through this process before or are also moving for the first time. You may also have friends that plan to stay in Bloomington for the summer or commute and live locally. Ask friends for help with packing and moving your items. Moving can be stressful, but having a few extra hands to help can make the process more fun, less stressful and MUCH easier than doing it by yourself. If you are hesitant about asking for help, you can show your appreciation by providing snacks and drinks for those that kindly agree to help you out.

Storing your belongings over the summer doesn’t have to be a stressful, chaotic experience post-finals. By following these tips, you can ensure that your items are stored safely and affordably, leaving you free to enjoy your summer break!

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