College Student Self Storage Tips

College Student Self Storage

College Student Self Storage Tips

We have all been there: you have been studying for finals the past week (no one studies in advance) and you have been living off of a combination of old pizza, coffee, and Red Bull. That one breath of fresh air after you’ve finished writing that essay for Dostoevskian literary masterpieces can’t last but so long once you realize you have 5 days to move out of your apartment for the summer. Panic ensues, your stuff is everywhere, and your parents are not privy to you bringing home the neon “Bud Light” sign for the mantelpiece. Your options: sell your things, if it doesn’t fit in your car it’s not coming, or (the best option) self-storage! Bloomington Affordable Self Storage loves college students, and we are here to help you keep that neon Bud Light sign!

College Student Self-Storage Tips

  • Choosing your unit size: Most college students opt for a 5×5 storage space. This is about the size of a nice walk-in closet. You can stack your boxes vertically to take advantage of the taller ceilings. You can fit chairs, small tables, boxes, clothes, etc. If you have larger furniture, consider a 5×10 space to fit that glorious golden marshmallow-puffy Good Will couch. If you are ever unsure about which size you will need, call Bloomington Affordable Self Storage at (812) 339-4221 and talk to one of our experts to figure out which storage size fits your needs.
  • Climate-controlled vs. regular storage: The rule of thumb is that, if you would store it in your garage for the summer, you don’t need climate-controlled. If you wouldn’t dare leave it in your garage, (life-size Chewbacca mascot for your fraternity), you should look in to renting a climate-controlled storage solution for the summer.
  • Preparing your things: Defrost your mini fridge! Trust me, you don’t want to come back in August and find out you are responsible for the next super bacteria because you forgot to defrost the mini fridge. Clean out your microwave! It’s going to get moldy, and you won’t want to clean it after it’s been sitting in storage for three months. Do NOT keep food in your storage unit. Our storage facility is clean, and we do our best to prevent pesky critters from getting to your goodies; however, they will teleport in to your storage unit if you leave you your 1am munchies behind.
  • Don’t forget which unit is yours: Grab one of our business cards and write your unit number and code on the back. Keep this in your wallet. Take a picture on your phone too, in case you throw out the card.
  • Your Textbooks: If you are one of the students who is convinced you will read your textbooks for years to come (its ok, everyone has a box of books laying around somewhere), pack them in smaller boxes, meant for paper reams. This way you won’t hurt yourself carrying the boxes.

If you are ever unsure about whether or not you need a storage unit for the summer, give us a call at (812) 339-4221. Bloomington Affordable Self Storage is student-friendly and we would love to answer any of your questions!

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