Commercial Storage

Most people see self-storage as an in-between house storage center, but what they don’t consider is that storage can be a great resource for many businesses. Use the information below to get a better understanding of how businesses can benefit from self-storage and which options will work the best for your company.

Business Storage Solutions

Every business has specific storage requirements. That’s why we offer different solutions to fit your commercial storage needs.

Save costs

All businesses are looking to save money in any way they can. Sometimes all a business needs is a place to store its materials and equipment. Storage facilities offer you this space at a much lower rate than any office would.

Easy Access

We understand that your property should be easy for you to access. That’s why we open early and close later than most businesses because we want you to be able to check on your storage whenever you need to. Our general access units are also open 24 hours a day, just in case you need to get something of yours outside office hours. For more information on our hours of operation click here.

Prime Location

Driving to a storage unit to check on your inventory and commercial storage is not the most convenient and time-saving process for a business. That’s why we made sure we are in a convenient spot so that no matter where your business operates from your trip to Bloomington Affordable Self Storage is as easy as it can be.

Front Aerial view of Bloomington Affordable Self Storage

The Features You Need


Our number one goal is the security and safety of your belongings. That’s why we invest in products like electronic surveillance systems and electronic locks because we believe that security should be your last concern when choosing a storage solution. For more information about our security, check out our security features.

Vehicle Storage

If you don’t have enough space to store your business’s vehicles or you’re worried about the expensive equipment and personal information inside of them getting stolen, vehicle storage is a great option for you. We offer outdoor and covered storage in order to make sure all your vehicle storage needs are properly met.


If you are unsure about which size storage unit fits your business needs or if an item will fit inside a storage unit check our unit size guide. We know that picking a storage unit is not easy that’s why we want to make sure you’re as prepared as you can be when making your choice. For additional help check out our storage tips.

Climate-Controlled Storage

For those businesses that need storage for inventory like business documents, attire, or accessories we offer our climate-controlled storage units. You’ll get an indoor, temperature-controlled environment that protects your products from the most severe temperatures.

Drive-Up Access

If frequent access to your business assets and inventory is something you need, we offer drive-up access. We acknowledge that your time is valuable, that’s why our process allows for easy loading and unloading of your assets with little effort required. 

What Businesses Can Benefit the Most

Many different businesses can improve their operations just from commercial storage. Below are different examples of businesses that can benefit from commercial storage. 

Pharmaceutical Businesses

We suggest climate-controlled storage. Many pharmaceutical businesses have started relying on commercial storage for their products. This is because a storage unit is a much more affordable alternative and keeping your inventory in a secured unit is always a safe option.

Wholesale Businesses

We suggest using our general access or indoor climate-controlled storage, depending on if extreme heat or cold will damage your products. Many retail businesses find it difficult to keep all their inventory organized and in one spot. With commercial storage, not only will you be able to clear up your workspace, but also give you an easily accessible location to keep everything you’ll need.

Retail Businesses

We suggest using our drive-up access storage or indoor climate-controlled storage, again depending on if your products will be damaged by extreme temperatures. Retail businesses often need places to store their inventory. From signs to promotional materials to furniture, we know that keeping track of all that inventory can be a hassle. With drive-up access and climate-controlled storage, we make it easy for you to store and keep track of all your property. 

Interior Designers

We strongly suggest thinking about indoor climate-controlled storage. Many interior designers make the choice to work from home. That means that there is usually very little space to store furniture and other decorative items. With indoor climate-controlled storage, you don’t have to worry about any of your products getting damaged as well as keeping your workspace clean.


We suggest thinking about our general access storage units. As a contractor, there are many ways you can benefit from commercial storage. Not only will commercial storage reduce the risk of damaging any equipment or injuring yourself, but also lowering your storage expenses and keeping your tools in a more convenient place.

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