Storage Resolutions for the New Year

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Storage Resolutions for the New Year

By now you have probably relaxed, feeling confident for surviving the alleged Mayan “Doomsday.” This means, of course, we have to get back to work and that growing to-do list. With the new year underway, it’s a time for taking down holiday decorations and making room for gifts in what may be a cramped home. Surely one resolution for the new year is to clear away the clutter and make your house more livable.

The first month of the year will see stores busy with refunds and exchanges, but it’s not uncommon for people to stock up on storage boxes. Winter clothes are packed away, unused items go back into the closet, and storage rental facilities advertise New Year specials. This is a good time to make a resolution to keep your home neat and clear your space, which in turn may clear your mind. Surrounded by clutter, you may be less inclined to observe order in your work and home life. It’s important to stay tidy.

With this mind, here are a few suggested storage-related resolutions to keep for the coming year. Apply them now and perhaps you will suffer fewer headaches and bruises from hip-checking boxes and surplus furniture.

  1. If you know you will never wear it or use it again, get rid of it. No sense hanging onto something that will never see the light of day. Give to a charity or have a yard sale. If you can remove some items from storage, you may be able to move into a smaller unit and cut costs.
  2. If you have a storage unit, inspect your belongings and trade out boxes that appear torn or damaged. Especially for things like clothes and antiques, you want them well-protected.
  3. Re-label boxes where needed. Labels and markers may fade over time, and if you need to hop in and out of storage quickly it’s easier if you can see everything immediately. Take stock of which labels need a bolder tag.

Let this be the year you get organized, at home and within your storage confines.

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