Student Summer Storage

Every student understands that the end of the school year means a lot more than just finals. There’s packing, cramming packages into your car, and somehow finding a way to move it all back home just to repeat the whole process a few months later. Instead, why don’t you spend your valuable time on more important subjects like finals and planning that well-deserved vacation? With summer storage all of that worrying and stress can be relieved. By storing your valuables and non-necessities in a summer storage unit your move off campus can be quick and easy. And when it’s time for you to come back onto campus all your belongings will be right where you left them.

Perks of Summer Storage

Why risk breaking something valuable by cramming it into a car just to let it sit in a box at home? Your property should always be as safe as possible. That’s why we’d recommend keeping it here while you head home for the summer.


Our number one goal is the security and safety of your belongings. For that reason, we made sure to invest in electronic surveillance systems to ensure that your property is there when you need it. Because security should be your last concern when choosing a storage unit. For more information about our security, check out our security features.

Climate-Controlled Storage

If you have delicate attire or other weather-sensitive items we suggest using our climate-controlled storage units. You’ll get an indoor, temperature-controlled environment that protects your belongings from the most severe temperatures.

24-hour Access

With 24 hour access to our storage unit, you could start storing away some of those less vital items and make your move back home much simpler. We all know that the last week of college can be very stressful and everything is busy. With 24-hour easy access, you can start your move before everyone else and make that last week a little more manageable.

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What students will benefit the most from summer storage

Summer Storage is not for everyone that’s why we recommend it for students planning to return the following semester. More specifically students who live outside of Indiana and are planning to stay on campus during the semester. Why put yourself through all the stress of trying to balance big boxes on top of a car or spending money to rent a big truck you have to pick up just to get everything home. With student summer storage all those worries go away. We have tips specifically for college students as well as recommendations for sizes depending on how much you wish to store.

Tips for Summer Storage

Storage units are super simple and can make your life easier if used properly. Here are some tips to help you get ready.


Have you ever walked into a room or a store and had no idea where anything was at? With proper organization, you won’t have to worry about digging through items to find the one you need. This may seem simple but make sure that all your heavy items stay towards the bottom, and stack items vertically until you need to start another pile. Doing this will help you maximize your space. Another suggestion is to make sure that you have somewhat of a walkway so if you need to get something out of the back you don’t have to jump around to get there. These tips will make your packing and unpacking more straightforward.

Finding the Right Size Unit

Most students wanting to use a storage unit are unfamiliar with all of the options they have available and can sometimes make choices that will cost them more in the long run. First, we suggest checking out our size guide to give you an idea of how much each unit holds. Secondly, think about what items you are planning on storing. If any of these items could deteriorate or get damaged by extreme heat then you should think about either getting an indoor climate-controlled unit or taking that item home with you. We want to make sure you can properly pack all of your items in order to maximize your storage space.

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