The Biggest Mistakes That College Students Make When Moving Off-campus

College Student Packing Mistakes

The Biggest Mistakes That College Students Make When Moving Off-campus

College life is full of excitement and new experiences, but it also brings challenges for many young adults as they move away from their parent’s house for the first time. Some students decide that moving off campus is appealing because of the additional freedom that it brings. Moving away to college can be an exciting time and a scary one too, especially if students are not prepared. Making wise decisions from the beginning can help set up a successful semester away from home. Here are some of the biggest mistakes that college students make when moving off-campus:

Not Budgeting Money

College students tend to have a limited income because their work schedules have to be flexible to their school schedule. Students tend to spend too much money on unnecessary things such as: frequently going to bars or parties or buying clothes when unnecessary. There will be additional expenses and emergencies. It is important to stick to a realistic budget for all of the costs that come with student living so that debt doesn’t pile up before the semester even begins.

Finding an incompatible roommate

This can lead to fights over things like cleanliness or noise levels, which might cause arguments between roommates if they aren’t careful not to let these things bother them. Living with someone who isn’t compatible can be frustrating, so it is important to find a roommate that you get along with. If the roommate situation is not working out or the apartment complex is not what was expected, make sure you have a backup plan.

Eating unhealthy food

Another big mistake that college students make is not eating enough fruits and vegetables because they are busy studying all day long. Doing this for extended periods can lead to weight gain. Eating healthy requires adequate time to prepare meals and is typically more expensive than choosing foods that are unhealthy.

Struggling with boundaries

One of the biggest mistakes that college students can make is not setting appropriate boundaries with friends and their time. With the freedom of no longer having a curfew, many students take this as an opportunity to party and not prepare for their classes. This will only lead to poor grades and may result in retaking courses or even extending your college stay. Without structure and no one telling them what to do or when to do it, many students become overwhelmed and stressed out. It is important to create a schedule for yourself and stick to it as best you can. When it comes to making appropriate boundaries with friends and family members while living off-campus, try and have community with people that have the same priorities.

Moving can be a stressful time, and it is easy to misplace things while moving from your parents’ house to an off-campus student apartment or student housing community. You may have never done this before, so you might not know how many boxes will be needed for all of your belongings or how to pack them properly. Consider using student storage services so that you can store some of the items you don’t need right away or to keep your belongings safe over summer break. Storage units may be one answer when it comes to packing up belongings and keeping them safe.

Moving off-campus can be a great experience but it’s important to be prepared for the challenges that come with it. Make sure you budget your money, find a compatible roommate, eat healthy foods, and set boundaries with the people around you so that you can have a successful experience living on your own! If you are prepared and take these things into account, your move will be much smoother!

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