Top Storage Unit Organization Ideas

storage unit organization

Top Storage Unit Organization Ideas

Storage units can become a black hole without proper intention. When you utilize these storage unit tips organization, your future-self will thank you. Putting in the time upfront to learn the right strategies and organization tools will make accessing your belongings easier and the process of moving smoother. In this article, we provide tips from subject matter experts on organizing a storage unit, as well as ideas for making it easier to find things months down the road when you need it.

Tip #1: Look to subject matter experts, professional organizers

“Start by assessing your inventory, sorting by category, and identifying which items you’ll need access to frequently versus those that can be stored long-term,” says Rachel Rosenthal, a professional organizer and founder of Rachel and Company. 

We like this tip because it’s a simple way to organize from start to finish. You can communicate this method easily to anyone helping you move whether that’s friends, family or professional movers. Before items move to the storage area, you can separate long-term storage from things you’ll need to access monthly or seasonally. For example, your lawn mower, winter clothing and sports gear. We recommend preparing by strategically placing “long-term storage items” so that they are loaded into the moving car or truck last and are placed in the back of the unit. Then your seasonal/temporary storage items have a natural sequence of placement higher up or closer to the opening of the unit for easier access.

“Use clear plastic bins to make it easy to see what’s inside, and label them with the contents and date.”

Truly a pro-tip, this idea will take a bit more to implement but is oh-so helpful for long-term storage. Clear plastic bins that secure at the top will ensure your belongings are protected over time and yet easily display what’s inside. It is a bit of an investment upfront purchasing plastic rather than cardboard boxes, however, it will save you the time and stress of digging through tons of boxes trying to find an item you stored a year prior. You can label, date and even create a list of what’s in your storage containers for future recall.

Laura Cattano, a professional organizer based in New York City suggests to, “Utilize vertical space by stacking boxes or shelving units, and consider installing hooks or pegboards to hang items like bicycles, sporting equipment, or tools.”

Get the most out of your unit by sizing up the space and maximizing from top to bottom. You can do this by simply stacking boxes or, for easier access, use shelving and other tools to hang equipment and get better use of the top of your unit.

Tip #2: Make it EASY to find things in the unit

When organizing your storage unit, make it as easy as possible to find things when you need them. Keyword=Easy. The first way to help you achieve maximum ease is to keep an inventory list of boxes. You’re already labeling and dating your boxes/bins so why not take the extra step of keeping a running list of everything? Make a list of each box and its contents, and keep it with you when you visit the storage unit. You can also keep a copy of the list INSIDE the storage unit. Again, this will help you quickly find what you’re looking for without having to dig through every box.

The second way to make it easier to navigate your unit is to group similar items together. Your brain will identify a category faster because it is mentally less to sift through a few groups of associated items. For example, all holiday decorations should be stored in one area, while all camping gear should be stored in another. That way when you go to look for your “camping” chairs to attend the concert at the park you will know that they are placed at the left of the unit with your tent and lanterns. 

Tip #3: Avoid unloading in a hurry

When it’s time to unload (and retrieve) items from your storage unit, it’s important to take your time and avoid rushing. To help you avoid hasty unloading, we recommend scheduling enough time to be thorough with the placement process and strategic about filling your unit. Give yourself plenty of time to set up shelving, hang hooks and designate areas for grouped items as we discussed above. This will help you avoid the stress of rushing, set expectations with anyone assisting in the move, set you up for success for future visits and potentially avoid damaging your belongings.

Believe it or not, you can create a plan for your unit instead of deciding on move day. Of course, things come up and you will likely need to improvise but a plan can help mitigate stress and confusion on the day of the move. You can visit the unit to lay things out like you would a new home and take measurements of large items to see how they will fit in within the storage unit. This will help you quickly and efficiently unload and organize your items.

In conclusion, organizing a storage unit may be foreign territory, but with these ideas and tips it can be easy-breezy. Remember to assess your inventory, sort by category, utilize vertical space, and label boxes with contents and dates. Make it easy to find things by grouping similar items together and creating an inventory list. Finally, avoid unloading in a hurry by scheduling enough time and creating a plan for the move into your new storage unit.

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