What is Mini Storage?

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What is Mini Storage?

If you are shopping for a storage, you have probably heard a number of different rems to describe self storage units. “Mini storage” is one of them. What is mini storage? This term is used to describe a self storage unit that is smaller in size. Even though the mini storage are called mini, they can be relatively big in size, 5×5 to 10×30, or even larger.

When looking for a mini storage, there are three main things to consider: the quality, the size, and the cost of the unit.

The quality, size and cost of a self storage are often relative. The bigger the size of the storage unit, the more expensive it is. The same thing about the quality of the unit,  however it may be the first thing to conciser.You are renting a self storage to store our belongings, not to throw them away. Make sure that the conditions of your mini storage are perfect for storing your things. Remember, that most electronic and computer devices should not be overheated!

Try to find a self storage that offers the best conditions of keeping your things safe and secure. Make sure, that the units are air conditioned to prevent the temperature of your storage unit getting too high or too low. Air conditioning also prevents mold, that can damage your belongings.

The security of your storage unit is also very important. Ask if the self storage center provides a 24-7 security monitoring of the storage units. Bloomington Self Storage in Bloomington offers a full set of the security features from security cameras to motion detectors. When you rent a self storage in Bloomington, you will get a personal pin code to enter through the security gates. Only our current customers and workers have valid pin codes for the security gates.

By renting a mini storage in Bloomington Affordable Self Storage you are getting the best deal, with the best price and quality of the storage units. Clean, safe and secure storage units and highly trained personnel is what makes us stand out! Rent your Bloomington Affordable Self Storage today, call 812-339-4221!

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